Ed McBain or Evan Hunter
Contact me personally. Please don't send story ideas, manuscripts, or requests for quotes.
Sorry, but I won't open any attachments.

Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency
Requests for interviews, publication, permissions, etc.

Paul Kohner Agency
Requests for Movie or TV rights to my work.

Abrams Artists Agency
Requests for plays by me or proposed adaptations of my work.

American Program Bureau
Requests for speaking engagements.

PR Newsroom Contact
Information for articles, term papers and interviews.

Game Ideas
Got any brilliant suggestions for games we can use on the site? Let us know. If we use one, you'll get an autographed audio or book.

Send Us a Link
Booksellers, book sites, let's get hitched.

Web site Feedback/Suggestions
How am I doing, Mom? Let me know what you'd like to see on the site.

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