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‘He is the undisputed master and there’s nobody who does it better’ Daily Mirror

Lester Henderson has it all. Widely tipped to be the next mayor he faces a glorious future – until he is gunned down by person or persons unknown. At that point he becomes Ollie Weeks’ problem. Uncharacteristically first to the scene, Ollie lands the murder of the decade. But the crime is overshadowed by a deed even more repugnant. Ollie’s life’s work is his novel. Honed by countless rejection letters, it is finally ready to be inflicted on the nation when the one and only manuscript is stolen from Weeks’ car by a thief who is convinced that Ollie’s opus contains the secret location of a hoard of diamonds . . .

‘Give thanks that you share the same time span with an absolute master. There is nothing and no one around guaranteed to give the same sharp excitements, the same steady delight’ Literary Review

 © Evan Hunter