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Tamar Valparaiso, would-be hip-hop diva, is poised on
the precipice of stardom. Her new video is set for
release, and her recording company has rented a yacht
for a chic launch party. Tamar is performing a live
version of her rape-fantasy video when two armed
intruders snatch her and escape on a small
speedboat. Steve Carella and Cotton Hawes of the 87th
Precinct catch the call.

There are dozens of eyewitnesses, but the kidnappers
leave no trace. Even though kidnappings are usually
the FBI's purview, Tamar's promoter coerces the feds
into keeping Carella and Hawes on the case.
Meanwhile, the kidnapping is replayed thousands of
times on cable, and the talking heads debate the
propriety of Tamar's video, in which a potential rape
victim repels her attacker in a fantasy sequence. In 48
hours, Tamar has morphed from wanna-be to
megastar in the wake of a potential tragedy.

As Carella and Hawes track down the kidnappers,
McBain--the godfather of the police
procedural--skewers cable news, the music industry,
FBI bureaucrats, the current presidential
administration, and the Patriot Act. It's difficult to praise
a single 87th Precinct novel as demonstrably better
than the preceding 52, so let's just say the current case
is always the best, but only until the next one.
Wes Lukowsky
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