8/17/2010 11:00:00 AM 
Ruvo del Monte - Mayor Donato Romano's Invitation and Dragica Dina Hunter's response 
Protocol no. Z `S 5 3
Rove del Monte, May 31, 2010 Dragica Dimitrilevic Hunter
Dear Mrs. Hunter.

As mayor of Rove del Monte, and as mandated by the town council, I have the honor of inviting you to visit the birth place of Giuseppantonio Coppola, grandfather of Evan Hunter. During your visit it will be our honor to highlight the literary life of Evan Hunter, and to posthumously confer open him honorary citizenship.

To promote this event, the town and the Pro Loco have instituted the Evan Hunter Committee. As president of the Committee, I have the privilege of inferring upon you, the office of Honorary President, which requires no responsibility on your part, now and in the future. Your visit to Ruvo will allow us to appropriately present to you our philanthropic objectives.

Your stay in Ruvo del Monte will be paid for in full by the new Committee. In fact, you will be staying in the Locanda del Giglio d'Oro (http://www.gigliodoro.altervista.org/). Giovanni Tata and Michele Patrissi. Committee members, will take care of the travel arrangements from Napoli's airport to Ruvo del Monte and back. In addition, it will be our pleasure to accompany you to the many splendid sites of our region. Giovanni, friend of Rove den Monte, who I would like to thank personally for his help, will help you with any questions you may have.

I wish to send you Sincere regards




Dear Mayor Romano,

I am deeply moved by your kind and generous invitation to visit the birthplace of Giuseppantonio Coppola, Evan Hunter's grandfather, and to be present as you highlight my husband's literary life, conferring on him, posthumously, the citation of honorary citizenship. Knowing Evan's unfailing affection for Ruvo del Monte and, indeed, his love for Italy, this celebration in his memory would have touched him profoundly, as it does me.

It will be a pleasure to spend those days wit you and I do thank you for your thoughtfulness and for the arrangements to which you are attending. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to this very special occasion , to meeting with all of you and to visiting those magnificent, evocative sites that are so much part of your lovely Ruvo del Monte region.

With warm good wishes,

Dragica Hunter


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