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Peppino Ferrieri - COPPOLA GENEALOGY 
Most of the information needed for a serious and correct genealogical research project are found in the Municipal, State and Parish Archives.  Before the Unification of Italy in 1860 there were no Vital Records Offices.  The parishes kept baptismal, marriage and death registers, and in particular, records were kept of those who received the Sacraments.
From these records, we know that the COPPOLA family lived on Via Sopra la Chiesa, now known as Via Crispi.  Based on the data thus far examined for the original direct ancestor, Donato COPPOLA, it is not possible to go back any farther.

Therefore, we know that Donato COPPOLA who married Rosa SUMMA was the last known ancestor of the COPPOLA family in Ruvo.  He was probably born after 1770, and was a tailor by profession.  He had at least three children: Gennaro, Pasquale and Michele Arcangelo.

Gennaro COPPOLA was also a tailor, and married Anna Maria CIAMPA.  He had at least one son who was named Angelo Maria.

Angelo Maria COPPOLA, a tailor, married Maria FEDERICI.  They had nine children:

Gennaro COPPOLA, who died at the age of four years.
Rosanna COPPOLA, who died at seven months.  (Gennaro and Rosanna both died between the 3rd and 4th of September in 1864, probably victims of an epidemic that swept the region that late summer.  The infant mortality was very high; seventy-nine children died between the age of 0 and ten years).
Maria Giovanna COPPOLA who married Raffaele DE SIMONE;
Rosanna COPPOLA who married Francesantonio CIAMPA;
Donato Maria COPPOLA married Anna Maria TOZZI;
Carmela COPPOLA married Vito Antonio PELOSI;
Giuseppantonio COPPOLA was born on 30 October 1878.  He was also a tailor by profession.  As we can see through documentation that all the men were tailors as this profession was passed on from father to son.
Gennaro COPPOLA died at the age of six years.

Giuseppantonio COPPOLA, Evan’s grandfather, son of Angelo Maria and Maria FEDERICI was the eighth of nine children, four of whom died in early childhood.

Giuseppantonio COPPOLA emigrated to the United States in September 1898 at the age of twenty.  He had several children, one of whom was Marie.  Marie married Charles LOMBINO, and from their union was born Salvatore Albert LAMBINO, who used the pseudonym of Evan Hunter.

The last COPPOLA to live in Ruvo was Mariantonia, called Spddusc’ who married Vincenzo GASPARRINO, and died in Ruvo on 15 July 1965.  They did not have any children.  She lived in the house on Via Nino Bixio, and was a daughter of Vito Nicola COPPOLA, cousin of Angelo Maria.

The last relative of Giuseppantonio COPPOLA that perhaps many of you remember is Giuseppantonio PELOSI, called Jnnare, who died on 14 October 1994, who was a son of Carmela COPPOLA, who was Giuseppantonio COPPOLA, and therefore, first cousin of Maria COPPOLA, the mother of Evan.

This is a simplified reconstruction of the family tree of the COPPOLA family of Ruvo.

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